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Los Angeles hard money loan in without red tape

 Hard money loan in  Los Angles California

  • For private investor loans on California property
  • commercial hard money loans
  • non-owner second home loans
  • income property equity loans
  • consolidation loans
  • Real estate investor
  • Commercial lender

1st and 2nd trust deed loans

  • bad credit
  • low FICO score
  • declined by banks or thrifts
  • income problems
  • vacancy problems
  • need fast cash?
  • No income documentation
  • property unusual  or not  completed
  • borrowers problem credit scoring?

What are hard money loans?

Hard money loans are simply funds obtained (underwritten) from private investors based primarily on the equity in your property. Hard money loans can be used for:

  • commercial "cash out" second trust deeds
  • home refinancing with "cash out"
  • fast cash
  • pay off past due taxes
  • debt consolidation
  • home purchases
  • bridge loans
  • cure foreclosures

Handle all your hard money loan needs.

Private investors with hard money loan funds available for First and Second Trust Deeds on real estate. Quick solutions to your loan needs.

National lenders, banks and S&L's, Wall Street mortgage conduits, life companies, pension funds and REITS.

 Fast approval means a closed loan.

  Los Angeles  


Second, third and fourth trust deeds

Loans to Heirs in Probate Estates

Loans to Conservators, Guardians and Trustees

Loans on a Partial Interest in Real Property

Chapter 13 "Bankruptcy Buster" loans

Loans on Modular Homes

24 Hour Emergency Loans

Loans on Mixed-use Property

Commercial loans

Business loans

Personal loans

Home loans mortgages

Reverse mortgages

Blanket loans (one loan covering multiple properties)

Super Jumbo (Over $1 million)

Condo: High rise

Condo: Timeshare


Log homes 

No income verification NIB/NIQ

Rural properties

Non owner  more than 4 financed allowed

Loan after and in bankruptcy

No credit/Bad credit/Foreclosure



Church construction

Commercial strip mall

RV parks

Parking lot sites

Bridge loans

Student loans

Equity Line of Credit

Hard money loans

Land loans

SBA business loans

FHA and VA government loans

Purchase with no down payment loans

Mobile home loans

Car loans

Credit Card loans

Short term bridge loans

Construction loans

Buying existing notes

Private investor loans

Dome  homes

Residence with less than 800 square feet

Loans to Alien/Foreign Nationals

Corporation trusts & partnerships

Seasoning none required

Spec construction

Joint Venture with the lender

Commercial motels/hotels

Gift % down payment allowed

First time builders/limited experience

Ranch and farm

Gas stations

Senior housing/Congregate care facilities

Rural commercial

Nursing homes

Veterans Administration Loan


Apartment building 40+


Mobil park

Property Value:   $
Loan Amount:      $
Property Zip Code:
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