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Priority Lenders for Direct Lender, Wholesaler and Private Investor

If you are a Direct Lender, Wholesale Lender or Private Investor we offer you a new opportunity to expand your base of operations by becoming a Priority Lender at LendingUniverse.com. As a Priority Lender you will receive loan requests posted by brokers and real estate agents, requests that are otherwise unavailable anywhere else. (Most of the loan requests are different than the requests posted directly by borrowers and can be viewed only and exclusively by Priority Lenders).

LendingUniverse.com is the largest integrated lending website on the planet, currently integrating over 25,000 mortgage brokers and real estate agents nationwide and growing in numbers daily. Becoming a Priority Lender will connect you up with hundreds of top producing brokers in your field of lending -- be it Residential, Commercial, Land, Private Money or any other real-estate related loans.

As a Priority Lender you will have the opportunity to review requests, quote and propose loans. You will close new loans brought to you by new brokers. You will gain immediate income and even more importantly, you will establish new brokers for future income.

Big lenders spend millions on advertising to gain new brokers. Many times the advertising campaign fails and the money is gone. Be assured that at LendingUniverse.com you can now connect with thousands of brokers for a small fee and guaranteed results.

A Priority Lender can be a lender for Residential, Commercial, Land or any other real estate related loans. Priority Lender's Loans are loans that are being provided through professional brokers and agents and other lenders in all 50 states and anywhere else in the world. (Brokers who do not take applications from other brokers and are only dealing directly with borrowers (retail brokers) may not qualify to become a Priority Lender but may qualify for other programs we offer to our brokers and members).

What do you get when you become a Priority Lender?

  • Being placed in priority position for the type of loans you wish to get from brokers on all our broker's control centers.
  • Ability to view all broker's confidential requests.
  • Arrange loans for borrowers who submit loans through Mortgage Brokers or Real Estate Agents.
  • Direct connection to broker's files.
  • Online quoting in any format.
  • Upload your matrix direct to the brokers.
  • Upload your fliers and specials directly to brokers pages.
  • Gain new top producing brokers as dedicated clients for good.
  • Enhanced website pages on LendingUniverse.com with a direct link to your main website.
  • Periodic email broadcast campaign promoting you, your company and your products to all our brokers.
  • Centralized Control Center to monitor all your broker's performances.
  • Control Center to monitor all your loans in progress.
  • New brokers and new loans getting closed that otherwise you wouldn't have.
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