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Find a Home Inspector

Finding a home inspector is 100% free. This patent-pending service gives you the control you need, the opportunity to save money and the ability to get the job done fast and efficiently.
Thousands of home inspectors nationwide are ready to bid. You can negotiate fees and services with each home inspector separately until you find the right one.
The right home inspector can save you thousands of dollars and make it all nice and easy.

 Get a list of home inspectors in your area.
Property Type:
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Country: USA      Canada
Any property, any place.
Our home inspectors accept requests for any kind of property, Residential or Commercial anywhere.

Why is home inspection important?

When buying a house it is critical to have it inspected a good home inspector will   educate you about the condition of your new home. This is a standard practice that should not be skipped even when buying a newly constructed home; the additional peace of mind that a professional home inspection offers is priceless. providing superior customer service. LendingUniverse members deliver more than a home inspection; they deliver "The ASHI Experience".

Homebuyers are not the only people who hire LendingUniverse Inspectors. Homesellers also use LendingUniverse inspections to gain knowledge of the condition of their home before placing it on the market. Smart homesellers know that knowledge about their home’s condition makes the selling process more palatable.

Homebuyers, homesellers, homeowners, or anyone who wants to make an informed decision about a house based on objective information deserves a professional LendingUniverse home inspection.

Homeowners, if you have questions about your house, ask an LendingUniverse member or use our "Find an Inspector" tool to locate an LendingUniverse home inspector in your area. Inspections 7 days a week— rain or shine

How to select a qualified home inspector

  Quite often our customers need to get a home inspection done before a set deadline. At LendingUniverse you can select a member who will work with you to get a home inspected there quickly. If the building is large, get qualified staff to put two or more home inspectors on your home inspection, at your request.

 When selecting an inspector choose one who takes an active role in ensuring that ethical standards and proper guidelines for the Home Inspection Industry and are established and maintained.

Make sure to get all questions answered.

And have the inspector prepare to fully explain the information in the home inspection report and answer all your questions related to the findings. Our job is to help you understand the condition of each of the major systems of the building. If you have further questions, even days later, we welcome your call.

Who benefits from a complete inspection?

We are dedicated to help you find the best home inspector.

Our service is geared towards buyers, sellers, real estate agent and lenders 

THE SELLER: When you list your home for sale, use LendingUniverse’ home inspector Associates to inspect it. You can sell your property with peace of mind, knowing that there will be no surprises in escrow related to its current condition.

THE PROPERTY BUYER: You can purchase a property with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you have the most reliable information possible — because it was inspected by a trained LendingUniverse’ home inspectors Inspection Associates qualified home inspector.

THE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL: When your client chooses us, you can rest assured that the home inspector will be a qualified professional and the report will meet the high standard that fits with your own commitment to excellent service.

 Your home inspection anywhere in all 50 states should be delivered to you immediately! Some home inspection companies make you wait for three to seven days to get the results of your inspection, but not LendingUniverse’ home inspectors. You will receive a computer-generated on-site report from our home inspectors detailing both the positives and negatives — immediately after your home inspection.

 Choose only inspectors who are licensed general contractors, each with many years of building experience.

Select a member with building experience needed to be able to accurately evaluate the condition of a property and to correctly report the relative importance of each item found.

 Select an inspector who are fully insured in case of errors and omissions

Make sure that the home inspector is fully insured with Errors and Omissions Insurance — specifically designed to cover real estate transactions. This keeps all parties protected against any situation that may arise. We do all we can to ensure your home inspection is as pleasant and risk-free as possible. Factual, honest reporting creates satisfied buyers and sellers

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