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Over 500 hard money lenders are waiting to compete on your loan. No social security number is needed.
Results in 2 minutes of funding in 5 days. The largest directory of hard money lenders on the Internet.

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Thousands of property owners, FSBOs and potential buyers use LendingUniverse daily. Most of them do not have real estate agents yet. Make sure you are the one selected to represent their needs. In minutes you will be on your way to becoming a posting agent, a buyer agent or even both.

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Conduct all your lending business here at LENDING UNIVERSE:
1. Find Buyers
2. Locate FSBO and become the Posting Agent

3. Get an instant appraisal done. Select among 1000 bidding appraisers online.
4. Help your client find a loan. Become an instant mortgage broker

5. Increase traffic to your site. One click to make yourself known
Pre-qualify your clients - ensure your escrows are closing

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Coming this fall, the most advanced agent management software system on the internet will be made available to certain LendingUniverse.com users. Sophisticated, yet easy to use, this integrated software will allow you to keep track of all your transactions and leads. It will also make you an instant loan officer as well as a real estate agent, which may increase your income by 30%-100%. You do not need to have experience in lending to be able to use the Quantum Agent System. The software will guide you through all the steps and will connect you with the top lenders in your area. Even if you have never done a loan before, this software will put you in the position to deliver the best possible loans for your clients. Calculate loans in seconds and get instant quotes from wholesale lenders and/or private investors. But that is only the beginning. This software can make you thousands of dollars and can be yours FREE. Members who deposit $99.00 or more before December 31st will receive 6 months or more of FREE unlimited use of the Quantum Agent System.

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Beginning this fall, you can start closing more loans in less time and with higher profit. LendingUniverse.com's New Quantum Agent System is not just software but is an integrated, internet-based communication center. If you already are working with lenders, you will now be able to make a smooth connection and compare loans in seconds. If you are not currently connected to lenders, this system will allow you to receive bids from top-rated lenders directly and instantly. The Quantum Agent System will introduce you to hundreds of new wholesale lenders' representatives and private investors right in your area. This is an easy-to-use program -- no downloads are needed! Here are some of the features the system will have:
  • Secured control center
  • Connection to your existing representatives
  • Direct quotes from live representatives based on specific loans
  • Unlimited loan scenarios
  • Unlimited storage of data
  • Management by statistics
  • The ability to work from anywhere
  • Marketing tools
  • Lead generation optimization
  • Advanced calculator
  • Ability to retain customer loyalty
  • Control of your own leads
  • Private investor networking
  • Wholesale lenders' representatives direct
  • The largest appraiser network in the world
  • Service provider integration
  • Ability to break any sales resistance
  • Help in using your favorite appraisers and service providers in a more efficient way
  • Database marketing
  • Fast quotes from different lenders to impress your clients
  • Prospect marketing
  • Help from lead to closing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Database management of closed loans
  • Ability to prospect old, expired and cancelled leads
  • Great positioning
  • More repeat business
  • Loan officer training
  • Tools to beat the competition
  • Residential loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Land loans
  • Step by step guide for total success.
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Over 500 hard money lenders are waiting to compete on your loan. No social security number is needed.
Results in 2 minutes of funding in 5 days. The largest directory of hard money lenders on the Internet.

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